Art & Design

ENSA Dijon


ENSA Dijon is set up in one of the wings of the old Saint-Bénigne Abbatial Palace next to the archaeological museum. The adjunction of a neoclassical building constructed in 1958 provides it with a 3,300 square meter L-shaped surface area whose reorganisation and accessibility is being reviewed. The students have at their disposal classrooms and studios, one auditorium that can accommodate 130 people for classes, lectures and conferences, one video studio, one movie shooting studio, one sound studio and computer platforms, one wood and metal manufacturing workshop, one multi-purpose studio, outdoors spaces for students’ work presentations, an accommodation studio to host artists and a studio for visiting staff.  


Whether in the field of art or in the field of design, being a creator always means spinning the story of a culture against a specific background. To this end, attending the school library is considered at the school as part and parcel of the teaching activity: it ensures the students’ access to a cultural heritage and the quality of creation. The School library puts at the disposal of its users (students, teachers, outsiders) more than 13,000 books about plastic arts, photography, multimedia, architecture, design, art history and aesthetics. The collection is particularly rich in exhibition catalogues and artists monographs. There are also 40 subscriptions to French and foreign specialised magazines, a multimedia collection (CDROMs, videos, DVDs), an audio collection, 250 artists’ dossiers, practical information dossiers filed by themes, publications from museums and institutions specialised in contemporary creation and school publications. An old collection can be consulted on request. Lectures are filmed and can be consulted on site.

Practical information

Books are lent to residential students, teachers and office staff and can be consulted by appointment by former students and persons doing research related to contemporary art.

Location and opening hours:
The school library is located on the ground floor, it’s opened Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm, except on Friday until 5pm.


Visit the online catalogue.


The loan library allows the students to borrow free of charge the equipment they need to realize their works all along their course of studies

  • Video: HD digital movie cameras; 3D movie-cameras; Go-Pro movie-cameras; analog and digital video projectors; HD and 3D flat screens; DVD and Blu-ray readers; cathode-ray video display units
  • Sound: audio-digital recorders; audio mixers, audio loudspeakers, 5.1 spatialisation devices, voice capture and directional microphones
  • Photo: silver print cameras: 24 × 36 reflex, 6 × 6 medium format and darkroom Bridge camera, reflex, medium format 6 × 6 digital backs
  • Lighting: mandarines, blonds, hedlers, fluo
  • Other: fluid head video tripod, camera tripod, lighting reflector, laptops and desktop computers.

Practical information:

Location and opening hours:
THe loan library is located on the 4th floor, it’s opened Monday to Friday from 2pm to 5pm.



This workshop is available for all Art and Design students and has a surface area of 200 square meters on the school basement. It is a partition-free space where creation and know-how can mix. The students are supervised all along the manufacturing process so as to acquire autonomy since technique remains a necessary support for creation.
This space is equipped with professional machines: chipboard circular saw, bandsaw, radial-arm saw, circular saw, electric shears, plastic and metal bender, thermal compression moulder, vacuum moulding base, TIG welder, aluminium and steel MIG welder, computer assisted plotter and laser cutter and a stock of portable machines and hand tools.
The students learn to become familiar with the place and its safety regulations then experiment various manufacturing techniques related to wood, clay, metal and plastic material as a means of research and understanding concerning space and volumes. The learning phase consists in elaborating drafted and cost-estimated projects, supported by a critical analysis and methodological advice related to the feasibility of students’ projects from the 2nd year to the 5th year.

The material library

Within the walls of the manufacturing workshop, the material library offers a selection of materials available for the students (samples and catalogues) and advice for the use of materials, which is necessary for the creation process.
Browsing through the MATERIO.COM database to which the school has subscribed permits to discover new materials or materials turned away from their prime use, which is a source of innovating creations.


Graphic design

The graphic design workshop facilities concern all the students in Art and Design and provides them with training to techniques and access to equipment related to digital imaging, formatting and printing, via compulsory courses and applied works. A classroom with 22 Apple Mac workstations and equipped with a videoprojector, a stock of digital cameras, lighting equipment and online colour laser printers, enable the students to acquire a command of the digital tools required for computer assisted imaging and photography. Graphic design courses develop the use of software such as Adobe, PhotoShop and InDesign.

As soon as the end of the 2nd year, the students have acquired self-reliance as regards images and text processing and can access, in relation with their project needs, to the laboratories dedicated to the capture of images by high definition scanners and to photorealistic printing. 6 Apple Mac workstations command 5 large-format printers, ink jet plotters and pigment imaging printers able to print on photo supports, painting canvasses, canvas sheets, white or transparent adhesive plastics and tracing paper ranging in size up to 110 x 300 cm. These laboratories are complemented with a photo editing and photo collage studio with PVC supports that can reach 120 × 240 cm. An open access room next to the classroom is equipped with 8 Apple Mac workstations which make it possible to prepare personal printing and editing.

Screen printing

The screen-printing studio is open to hand-drawn printing projects mainly from the 2nd year onwards. Close to painting, since it uses the same pigments and supports, screen-printing widens this field by adding
the resources offered by photography and digital imaging. Moreover, it provides the opportunity for a work to come in a variety of forms and in several hues via multiple prints. The creation of hand-drawn, photographic, electrographic or digital stencils is derived from image processing and so lies directly in the continuity of graphic design training which indeed includes the elaboration of stencils.


The multi-purpose studio is open all year long to Art and Design students. The multi-purpose studio is a tool, a space for reflexion and a working platform: a place for imagining, designing, maquetting, editing and
exhibiting. It fosters direct and experimental productions revolving round editing: publication and manifold. Its ambition is to explore all the possible ways of editing in the artistic field of today. The multi-purpose studio is a place for cross-disciplinary research, in line with the school curriculum, which works in close collaboration with the teachers, with the manufacturing workshop, the IT, video, sound and colour (ECO) studios as well as with the school library. It is equipped with computers and the equipment needed for making documents (scan, photocopier, guillotine cutter, stapler, bookbinder) and enables to finalise maquettes, to develop and to elaborate work documents (publications, research diaries, essays…). A special space is reserved for graphic designers and to their tuition in graphic design, project communication and editorial design.

The multi-purpose studio is also a place for information and exhibition whose target is to build up, in close collaboration with the school library, an archiving centre for artists’ works: books, publications, artefacts, posters, CDs, DVDs…


The photo studio available for all Art and Design students has a photo/video shooting studio equipped with a technical grid, studio background screens and tripods, a flashlight and a generator. It has also three black and white photo labs with the capacity for making very large prints, a classroom exposed to the daylight so as to visualize digital prints and a computer room. The shooting equipment – small and medium-size camera bodies, view cameras and lighting equipments are available for students via the loan library.


The workshop brings together several studios adapted for audiovisual productions. It covers all the stages of the implementation of projects: shooting, editing, compositing, spatialisation, edition, dissemination. It includes a room for shooting, several post-production studios, including two specialized in the compositing and the realization of video in relief (stereoscopy).
The students have at their disposal advanced equipment:

  • A video classroom equipped with 20 workstations (MAC and PC)
  • Filming equipment: HD digital cameras, 3D cameras, Go-Pro cameras, audio-digital recorders, voice and directional microphones, lights, video tripods, rail dollying
  • A shooting studio: motorised technical grid with photo and video lighting, daylight, technical control room, blue and green inlay backgrounds, black and white backgrounds and 4 shades of gray
  • Two cabins for sound recording
  • Several MAC and PC digital editing workstations with the following software: 3D Studio Max, After Effect, Photoshop, Digital Performer, DVD Studio Pro, Encore DVD, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Cineform 3D, Smoke, Avid, IRCAM software, Melodyne, Metasynth, Peak
  • Broadcasting devices: HD and 3D flat screens, video projectors, amplified speakers, multi-formats projection screen, 5.1 audio spatialization device and video splitter multi-screens.


The studio has two mixing and sound processing consoles synchronized or not with the picture. It also has a voice recording booth. One of the two consoles is dedicated to spatialisation and 5.1 surround system and to 5.1 DVD burning, the other one to all kinds of sound location, stereo mixing and digital signal processing.
The sound studio is paired with the loan library regarding digital recorders and microphones and has sophisticated equipment: 2 Mac, 8 and 16 in/out sound cards, pro DVD studio, soundtrack, Max, Peak, Digital Performer, Logic audio, Live, Metasynth, Melodyne, and Ircam software and plug-ins. The studio is available for students in both major subjects in interaction with video, sound creations, installations and all suggestions in the field of space design. Moreover, the subscription to Ircam forum enables 5 students to come free of charge and follow the Forum for three days to discover the fields of software research and developments in this institution.
Lastly, the studio works in collaboration with the Why Note association (an organisation of concerts, shows and festivals) as well as other local actors of Dijon’s cultural life.