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Research and creation workshops

Entre réflexion théorique et production plastique, entre champs de l’art et du design, entre contribution personnelle et création intensément collective, les Ateliers de Recherche et de Création (ARCs) sont des entités pédagogiques, des espaces de réflexion et de travail, qui ont pour spécificité d’être obligatoirement transversaux et codirigés pour garantir une pluralité de points de vue. 

Between theory and production, between the fields of art and design, between personal contribution and intensely creative group work, the Research and Creation Workshops (ARC) are pedagogical entities, spaces for reflecting and working whose character is cross-discipline. They are led by at least two teachers to guarantee differing views.

Each ARC offers teaching that is both theoretical and practical and calls upon a large number of external contributors (researchers, experts, artists, designers) who are invited for public talks, workshops, study days or conferences.

The ARC workshops do not replace courses, individual appointments, nor sessions for hanging works with students. 

They are the result of an approach that is inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary, situating them between fundamental research and specific teaching, allowing the emergence of creation, innovation and the Personal Project of Art Research.

Throughout all the stages of creation, from conception to final showing, the students become involved in taking action independently and at the same time interactively with the group, with the objective of creating a project of scope, under the direction and critical exchanges of teachers, experts and invited artists.

Enrolment in an ARC workshop is compulsory for each student between semester 03-09.

ARCs 2022 – 2023 :

  • Action Comics
  • Art & Anthropocene , History and Becoming
  • The Arts of Sound
  • Installations, Experiments, Methods
  • Art/Science Interfaces and Spatial Devices
  • Urban Mutations (Muur) 
  • Contemporary Practices of Painting
  • Embedded Practices: Body States and Situations
  • Commom Earth

[pdf] Download the list for 2022-2023 ARCs (in English)