Art & Design

ENSA Dijon

Presentation of Art departement


The Art department accompanies young practitioners throughout their academic experience. Throughout the 5 years of study, they should develop a personal project of art research.


During the first two years, classes focus on essential practices (including drawing, sculpture, installation, sound, performance, image and video). The artists teaching at ENSA provide an interdisciplinary education which seeks to go beyond categories and disciplines so that each student can develop an original and independent project. The aim is to allow students to shape a complex artistic idea which they then implement.


In this sense, the school is a place of resource, experimentation and exchange where knowledge and practice are transmitted and where the student experiences are constructed in common. The wealth of these cultural perspectives affords our school’s graduates multiple professional choices. Students have access to a wide choice of traditional working techniques (such as wood, earth, metal, resin, thermoforming), in addition to the most recent technological resources (like graphic design, 3D, video, sound) and to a theoretical support to frame their contemporary knowledge in historical and multi-disciplinary perspectives. Throughout their studies, students are invited to events outside the school walls letting them be confronted with the reality of collective shows, an introduction to cross-disciplinary projects, to writing critical texts, to visiting construction sites, to encounters with visiting professionals, researchers or residents coming from a scientific background or some other realm. This exposure to diverse experiences makes this specialisation fertile ground for wide-ranging artistic practices.

ENSA Dijon likewise offers greater openness to the outside world, in particular the international stage thanks to its residency programmes and internships covering the USA to China without forgetting the African continent. Internationally renowned artists are increasingly invited by the school to offer students their unique testimony on the diversity of art scenes around the world.