Art & Design

ENSA Dijon


The studies are organised around: courses which enable to acquire theoretical, technical or general culture knowledge; individual interviews; works in workshop (photography, sound, computer graphics, video, wood/metal, multiple workshops); Research and Creation Workshops (ARC) associating several teachers and students from both majors in years 3, 4 and 5 on transversal themes; a program of lectures developed by the teachers inviting artists, designers, writers, choreographers, theorists to present their work and research in the school lecture theatre.

At the start of the school year, some workshops are organised around technical and specific subjects that require initial training (sound, video, photography, 3D, serigraph, ceramics, and graphic design). In the course of the year, the school hosts about fifteen workshops lasting 4 days with outside speakers, open to all students. Study tours offer varied opportunities of destinations and themes of discovery.

The internships in France or abroad in cultural institutions, or agencies of artists, architects, designers, urban planners (mandatory in the first cycle) and the internship or semester in an art school abroad (mandatory in semester 7 or 8) are a complementary opening.

A program of residences developed with teachers is inscribed in the educational projects, the curricula and research projects.